Friday, June 7, 2013

6 BOE Hopefuls, 2 Teams, 2 Incumbents

Deborah Clarke of Woodmere Place
Richard Lear of Madison Avenue
Anabella Melgar of Parkside Road

Wilma G. Campbell of Highland Avenue (I)
David M. Rutherford of Pemberton Avenue
Frederick D. Moore, Sr. of Lakeview Terrace (I)

Note:  The order above does not represent this blogger's preference, the order above is the same as adopted by the county clerk HERE.

What stops Plainfield from becoming a successful, invested, community?  Many will blame politics  --I can testify that one can happily live in Plainfield by ignoring politics, so, so much for this reason-.

The school district is the very first reason why many families refuse to look into Plainfield's real estate.  The school district is also the reason why many invested families leave Plainfield as access to a good quality educational experience seems to be random rather than the norm and the older the kids get the more invested families expect from the school district, thus why many just move at the end of elementary school.

I am not sure when the school district in Plainfield became the ignored entity that is has been for so many years.  I spent a good number of years devoting many hours trying to bring in transparency and awareness on school district matters.  All these to no avail since the community seems to be deaf and blind when it comes to the school district; today the district continues to function as if it was a separate entity from the community.  Is the district better today than it was 3-5-10 years ago?  Not what some of the state reports say.  But there is always the hope that a good Board of Education will solve the problems that for decades the school district has faced year in, year out.  And this is what the 6 names above will try to tell you.  That they are the "hope" you have been waiting for. 

2 out of the 6 candidates are incumbents, Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Moore.  The other 4 candidates are new names added to the long list of those who are hopeful for a seat at the Board of Education.  It will be interesting to learn what brings them to want to join one of the least appreciated volunteer positions that a city offers, the Board of Education.  It will be interesting to learn what they have to offer.  It will also be pretty interesting to learn how much knowledge they have of the current conditions of the school district and its many different needs.

And will anyone but their followers pay any attention to their race?  Where are the parents on all of this? 

The above are questions that I will try to get answers to in the coming months.


Anonymous said...

Is it true that school's superintendant Anna Belin-Pyles doesn't have an advanced degree in education, but only a business degree? If so, I find that rather unusual. No?

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Maria Plainfield 's school district could be so much better if they were to focus on the children. For too many years and elections they members have only joined the board for their poltical goals rather than the core reason which is the children.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that having an advanced degree in education matters? There have been others that preceded her with an education degree. We are still in the lower third of the state.

A fact that to point this out-

Plainfield high school students receive high SAT scores for Plainfield. The numbers are BELOW AVERAGE for the state.

That did not happen because of Anna Belin-Pyles. It is because the residents of this city could care less.

However, we certainly need more recreation facilities. Now that will help the kids with their future - below average scores so they cannot get a good education, but they can shoot outside the key.

Maria Pellum, Plainfield Resident said...


Please see 10:50's comment regarding degrees. Thanks!

Thanks! It's OK to have political ambitions but there also needs to be far more accountability and transparency, but community members can't do it alone, we need the parents!


I somewhat agree with you with the degrees -although the jury is still out on our district's situation. Regarding parents: their involvement is pretty much like the chicken and egg question: what comes first? Involved parents or a school that encourages involvement? I am still thinking! Thanks!