Friday, May 31, 2013

Where are Plainfield's Urban Cicadas?

Scotch Plains has them.  So does Fanwood.  And Cushing Road has started to sound like "Cicada Land", then again, Cushing Road is more like the countryside of Plainfield with all the trees and the swamp and the farm along the road.  But here on Park Avenue?  Zero Cicadas so far.

I am now wondering if we will ever get them on the more urban side of Plainfield?  I ran into cicadas while on Scotch Plains today and before you see them, you hear them!  I got brave and went underneath the tree where there were thousands of Cicadas, carcasses were falling down as I was taking pictures of this neat -freaky, but neat- event!

Sunday we are thinking about scheduling a "field trip" to film them and the family's reaction to such an event that won't be repeated again until 2030!  Helmets and long sleeves will be a must! 


Rob said...

Maria.. I've had 1 ... exactly 1 in my yard... landed on my patio table right in front of me. Scared the bejeezus out of me!! ( it's dead now... I'm kind of a girl when it comes to some freakish insects ).
Driving through Watchung yesterday... YOU COULD HEAR THEM OVER the sound of my car and the wind / noise coming through the open windows.

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Bernice: my neighborhood on Fernwood Avenue thought several car alarms were sounding simultaneously - nope, red eyes bugs.

Maria Pellum, Plainfield Resident said...


Do you mean Watchung Avenue or the town of Watchung? I had the same experience on Bernadsville this morning. When I came out of the car these red eyed bugs were everywhere including shrubs! I am not exactly brave when it comes to bugs but these cicadas are definitively worth faking bravery! Just to think that next time they come out it will be 2030 makes one wonder about nature's own clock.


Fernwood Avenue still is very "country-like" and the amazing tree inventory that you all have around there should certainly be "the place" to be if I was a cicada. But isn't it kind of sad that those who live in the more "urban side" of Plainfield will perhaps have to go without experiencing such an amazing event?

Some people find the cicadas annoying, my family and I find them magical! Neither Mexico, Colombia, or Europe have this kind of cicada cycle!

Rob said...

town of Watchung Maria..
ALSO: Went for a walk across the GWB yesterday.. the park next to it in Fort Lee.. Fort Lee historical park.. the cicadas were DEAFENING.. It sounded like traffic on the bridge at first