Friday, January 21, 2011

Has the school district been hacked?

The district's central student information has had a notice to users: "Access to Genesis is currently unavailable. We are working diligently to implement a solution as quickly as possible and regret any inconvenience this may cause." Parents, at least those of us who use it, were left with the belief that nothing else than a simple problem happened. At least that was my belief.

The Genesis system is the one central system that contains all personal and academic student information.

I was not worried until this morning when I read the other "unofficial" news line, forum, which tells a different story: --"We've been hacked"-- a poster goes on and tells of rumors about the Genesis system being hacked. OK. I am not panicking yet because this is just "a rumor", right?

Yet, another poster comes in and continues the story, which we still don't know if it is a true story or not, but the poster reveals what seems to be personal student information in the images that this person has chosen to illustrate what happened to the Genesis system. This poster writes (this post has been taken down by, presumably, the newspaper):

--It's a massive school district cover-up. They are going to be uncovered for the illegal things they were doing...---

This poster then goes ahead and gives a link to a public image sharing website. You can look at this poster's message HERE. The images, if true, certainly raise questions, many questions. I have already sent an e-mail to the district's leadership to find out what is it that they are doing regarding the posted personal student information.

True story or not it behooves the district to be more straight forward regarding what happened with the Genesis System. It also behooves the district to find out who is posting in a public site what seems to be very personal student information.

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lol I heard about this, reddit got ahold of an admin account's login info and had fun messing with stuff for a few hours.