Friday, July 31, 2015

Thanks for all past support

With July 2015 coming to an end and the obvious lack of posts from my part it is now obvious that the life of Maria's Blog (former Crescent Times)  has come to an end.  It is not that the city of Plainfield nor the Plainfield School District have stopped giving me something to write about, nope, not all.  The news that these two entities could produce are endless, but both entities require time and dedication, I now lack the time to give my dedication to either.

It is my hope that the school district does inspire a dedicated blogger, not for the school board or the administrators but for the students that deserve much better than what they are getting.  As for the city, we are lucky to have Bernice and others covering city matters, may good health, ample time and deep dedication continue for them.

With this said I want to thank all support (and non-support) that was given to this blog while it lasted.


Maria Pellum

Friday, July 25, 2014

Yellow Tabby Found, Is It Yours?

Amazing that I have not found the time (or inspiration?) to write on this blog for over six months!  Wow!

Anyway.  This short post came about after a good neighbor suggested that I use it to see if any of the local blog readers could help a yellow tabby young cat find his owners ---maybe even a new family?

Short story:  This morning as we opened our front door a young yellow cat walked up to us and started purring and doing a friendly cat approach.  Knowing my area's feral cats I knew that this yellow cat was not a feral one (our area's feral cats are black and gray).  The cat's friendliness also speaks of how he is not a stray cat.  So, knowing that the feral cats of the area wouldn't be exactly thrilled with a newcomer, and that I wouldn't be thrilled if one more cat joined the feral cat colony that lives in my area, I picked the young yellow cat and now am looking for his family.

The yellow cat seems to be no more than 6 months old.  He is friendly.  He doesn't seem to have been spayed (I checked, but I am not a vet, so it is just a guess).  He has his claws intact.  I called the police department but so far no one has called to report a lost kitten.

Please, check him out in the picture below.  Perhaps you know him.  Perhaps you want him. In any case, my e-mail is:  Your help will be deeply appreciated!  Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

After a long writing dry spell could the muses be back?

Alli and her 5 kittens.  She, a foreigner, the kittens, all Plainfielders. 

More than 7 months have passed by since I last posted.  So much has happened in Plainfield since I last wrote! 

But first, an apology to all those who have kept on checking this blog hoping to find something new.  Thanks are also in order to those who kept on checking and to those who kept sending encouraging words.

I can only say that life happens and then some!  To say that a break was needed would be an understatement. Not only a break was needed, it was distance, more than a break, that was necessary.  Sometimes, in my opinion, when one gets so into a routine one loses perspective and might even forget why the routine was even established.

Anyway.  Here I am.  Looking back at this blog and wondering which path to take this time around.  Defining a new path might take a while, but, who is rushing?  Not me.  The path might be that one of closing for good this space, then again, there is so much in and out of Plainfield that can be shared!  Take Alli, a found cat that was brought to me by my daughter.  The cat came all the way from Paterson.  When my daughter arrived with the cat, skinny and dehydrated, we immediately decided to give a try to "cat-ownership" once again.  Within weeks we found out that Alli was not just skinny and dehydrated but she was pregnant as well!  Wow! 

August 19th, early morning, we saw Alli give birth to her 5 kittens in our basement!  Five kittens.  We kept Mom and her kittens together for 12 weeks (as recommended) and today 4 kittens have found loving homes--thanks to those who opened their doors to Alli's kittens!  Alli and Harley have become part of our family.  This event, along with a busy, busy summer and fall season due to relatives coming and going, marked the second half of 2013.  As I said, life happens and then some!

There is a lot more to share, to observe, and to pull apart for closer inspection.

Thanks again to those who kept checking this page.



Friday, June 7, 2013

6 BOE Hopefuls, 2 Teams, 2 Incumbents

Deborah Clarke of Woodmere Place
Richard Lear of Madison Avenue
Anabella Melgar of Parkside Road

Wilma G. Campbell of Highland Avenue (I)
David M. Rutherford of Pemberton Avenue
Frederick D. Moore, Sr. of Lakeview Terrace (I)

Note:  The order above does not represent this blogger's preference, the order above is the same as adopted by the county clerk HERE.

What stops Plainfield from becoming a successful, invested, community?  Many will blame politics  --I can testify that one can happily live in Plainfield by ignoring politics, so, so much for this reason-.

The school district is the very first reason why many families refuse to look into Plainfield's real estate.  The school district is also the reason why many invested families leave Plainfield as access to a good quality educational experience seems to be random rather than the norm and the older the kids get the more invested families expect from the school district, thus why many just move at the end of elementary school.

I am not sure when the school district in Plainfield became the ignored entity that is has been for so many years.  I spent a good number of years devoting many hours trying to bring in transparency and awareness on school district matters.  All these to no avail since the community seems to be deaf and blind when it comes to the school district; today the district continues to function as if it was a separate entity from the community.  Is the district better today than it was 3-5-10 years ago?  Not what some of the state reports say.  But there is always the hope that a good Board of Education will solve the problems that for decades the school district has faced year in, year out.  And this is what the 6 names above will try to tell you.  That they are the "hope" you have been waiting for. 

2 out of the 6 candidates are incumbents, Mrs. Campbell and Mr. Moore.  The other 4 candidates are new names added to the long list of those who are hopeful for a seat at the Board of Education.  It will be interesting to learn what brings them to want to join one of the least appreciated volunteer positions that a city offers, the Board of Education.  It will be interesting to learn what they have to offer.  It will also be pretty interesting to learn how much knowledge they have of the current conditions of the school district and its many different needs.

And will anyone but their followers pay any attention to their race?  Where are the parents on all of this? 

The above are questions that I will try to get answers to in the coming months.

Primary Elections Are Over, Not So the Bickering?

Primary elections in Plainfield are over but reading other blogs' comments one needs to wonder if there is such a thing as "sore winners", is there such a thing?

While there seems to had been anxiety about Adrian Mapp's successful primary candidacy given Sharon Robinson-Briggs' circle of supporters if there is a time to show the desire to unite Plainfield, then the time is now when those who lost the election are hurt by the loss.  What good does it make Plainfield to have those who support Adrian Mapp express ill comments against those who support Sharon Robinson-Briggs?  Wouldn't this just be a continuation of what we have had, a divided community, for the past several years?

When Adrian Mapp was elected as our democratic candidate for the mayoral general election coming this November, in my opinion, we elected the hope for unity, the hope for a better Plainfield.  This hope remains as Adrian Mapp offers the hope to raise professional expectations for Plainfield's city hall administration.  But city hall and the council are just one part of the equation that make up Plainfield and it really is the divided democratic party that has been hurting Plainfield.  Let's us hope that those who support Adrian Mapp do not become the next divisive line that halt Plainfield's much needed  unity.

I encourage those who support Adrian Mapp to show, even to fake, a much more needed friendly attitude to those who opposed Adrian Mapp.  I also encourage my fellow bloggers to analyze the content of those comments that are being published and decide whether the content really needs to be published or not.

How sad that Adrian Mapp's victory is already being used as a continuation of the long bickering that has hold Plainfield back.  This is definitively not what we picked Adrian Mapp for.